We do general building and maintenance work for  commercial customers, landlords, housing associations, care homes, residential customers etc.

We are able to provide a quotation and then either complete the whole project or, if preferred by the client, to do part of the work.

Most types of building and associated work can be undertaken, ranging from groundworks, structural building (traditional and modern methods of manufacture), and internal finishing work. The following random photos pick out a few examples.

This shows the rear of a large building (Ivydene) in Great Malvern) which we are converting into 17 apartments. This involves a great deal of demolition, complete roof strip and re-roof, and a total internal strip and structural re-build and finishing. This work is being done under contract for a local landowner:

At tyhe other extreme, here is an example of a small job - a new door was added to a block of flats

The garden to this house (which is linked to a care home) was completely remodelled, with the ground graded and levelled, new turf laid etc.

Refurbishment of a period property, in preparation for letting to tenants:

The guttering and drainage all around this modern house could not cope with heavy rain. This is shows part of the original installation, which was completely replaced.

This is one of a large number of brick "planters" around a housing estate, which we removed or made safe.

This old property suffered from extensive damp for a long time, as shown below. We located and repaired the leak, which came from a water main running under the house which had been leaking for some years.

This is a detail from a wet room that we fitted.

And this is a concrete path which we provided on an equestrian centre

Part of a Rain Water Harvesting system which we supplied. This photo show 2 water meters which we fit, which keep track of how much rain water, and how much mains water, is used in the WC's in the building.

This is a detail from a new en suite shower room fitted in a care home

....and a detail of tiling in a bathroom

Replacement of a fence around part of a Housing Association estate

Detail from a new fire safety installation - automatic door closers linked to the fire alarm system. Here we worked with a specialist supplier.

Renovation under way of a drying area in a housing estate

New drainage to an old property


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