IVYDENE, Albert Road North, Great Malvern

This is a conversion of a large Victorian building into originally 14 apartments plus a new build 2-storey home at the rear. Then the scope of work was extended by the client, by the addition of 3 more apartments, and the increase is size of many of the other apartments.

The client was responsible for all matters relating to design and obtaining planning permission.

 The building was in a state of serious disrepair, needing a lot of structural work to be done.For example. this is a picture of the main front entrance as it was when we started:

and here you can see work being done on that same elevation:


The rear of the building needs a lot of work, including the removal of the old metal external fire escape and the demolition of the old timber bulding:

The roof is being competely stripped off and re-laid, replacing any damaged tiles and replacing all roof lights and repairing all dormer windows. Here you can see part of the new breathable roof membrane and new roof battens being fitted. The dormer window in this picture will then be repaired and the tiles replaced:

And here are some shots of this really attractive develpoment in a prestige part of Great Malvern as it gets closer to completion::

Although our usual business is to buy land, build homes and then sell them, in this case, we did this work under a Contract with the client, who is a large local landowner and developer.

For further information on this particular development, please contact Crystalight Ltd on 01684 892 757.