Environmental & eco

We have incorporated many environmentally-friendly features in our homes for many years.

For example, we have for a long time fitted low energy bulbs into all lamp fittings, beyond the numbers specified in Building Regulations.

We have built many houses and apartment blocks using modern timber frame, which is regarded as a sustainable and energy-efficient method of building.

We have installed permeable drives for many years; this helps water run-off, and is now mandatory for most new and replacement drives. This is an example where all the drive and parking areas are made from attractive permeable block paving.

We have fitted a number of solar hot water systems, using solar energy to heat the domestic hot water. This is a larger system on a swimming pool that we built.


 ............ and a system on a detached house

We have fitted rain water recycling systems to apartment blocks and to individual houses. We have designed our own rain water harvesting system, which overcomes the weaknesses of the proprietory systems that we have fitted. Our system can be fitted to new houses and commercial buildings and retro-fitted to exisitng buildings. This is a detail of the hot water cylinder (with fall back heating from the gas boiler) and associated controls. Rain water is collected in a tank (usually below gound in new build, but can be above ground), filtered, pumped to a header tank and then used in WC's. It can also be used for garden irrigation. Our system automatically switches to mains water should there be insufficient rain water, or a power cut.

Full details of our rainwater recycling system can be found at www.jupiter-rainwater.co.uk

 This is a view of a below-ground tank, showing part of the filter system.

.... and this is what you see when the tank is completed - the round man hole in the foreground gives access to the tank:

We have used Sedum Roofs in a number of developments, both as a part of the roof and as the whole roof. Sedum is a green "living" succulent, which aids insualtion in winter, cooling in summer, and improved hte handling of rain water, by reducing/controlling rain water run off. It is also a haven for butterflies, and small birds.

This shows a Sedum Roof which is used in part of a new house. The Sedum has just been planted, and the house is still under construction. Soon it wil be in full colour:

... and here is a recently-laid Sedum Roof that covered the whole of a large bungalow:


See our own rainwater harvesting/recycling system at www.jupiter-rainwater.co.uk

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