Henwick Green - 4 detached houses

Henwick Green in Worcester is a development of 4 detached houses, 2 of which were had a number of eco features.

This is a large 4 bedroom house with a very modern design. At the front, it appears to be single storey, with a modern flat (but sloping!) roof and cedar cladding:


However, the building is built into the ground, and is in fact a large, 2 storey house:


The inside layout and fittings complete the modern theme:


Among the many ecological features on this home is rain water recycling, and this shows part of the control panel, where we have fitted 2 water meters to monitor the usage in the WC's of recycled rain water and mains water:

 And the house also benefits from solar heating for the domestic hot water:

 This smaller, 2 bedroom house, was also set in the sloping ground:


This plot, like that above, had a "green" section of roof. A Sedum Roof was laid on this prepared base - the sedum is a living succulent, which is very low mainrtenance and very hardy. It helps insualtion in winter, assists with coooling in summer, aids rain water run-off, and is a haven for butterflies, small birds etc.

This is the hot water cylinder, heated by solar panels, together with the guages which supply basic information on temperature etc:

 The final 2 houses on this site are a pair of 3 storey town houses, again set into the sloping ground, with 2 storeys at the front and 3 at the rear: