Homeowner who buy our homes are given a Health & Safety Package, which includes full information about their home: structural details, fittings, finishes etc.

A selecton of such packs is listed below:

Sidbury House
Walnut Court
St Agatha's Court
Weavers Court
Old Rackets Court
Northview Court
Beacon Court
Swanpool Mews
Arboretum Court
Lygon Walk (this is a large pack, reflecting the particular requirements of the Housing Association. If you need a copy, plrease contact us direct)

Homeowners are reminded of the need to carry out all maintenance that may be required to service the equipment in their homes and to prevent future problems.

This is particularly important in blocks of apartments, where a problem in one apartment may affect another.

Homeowners must read the Homeowners Pack and all manufacturers' leaflets, which are left in every home. If these have been lost,please contact the manufacturer for replaceemnts - this information is ofetn available on the web.

Your attention is drawn to the following:

ensure gutters and drains are kept clear of debris. This is a particular problem if trees are nearby

follow up any signs of malfunction eg water overflows, water running in WC's, signs of damp

gas boilers and appliances (especially combination boilers) need an annual inspection by a qualified plumber, both for safety and for comfort. Modern heating systems are sealed, and water may have to be added to the system to restore pressure (each boiler has filling loops for this)

mains-pressured hot water cylinders give better and consistent water pressure at taps. But they need an annual service to ensure that pressure in the expansion tank is maintained and that there is no overflow.

If there is a potential defect (snag), please report it on the form in your pack; it is also available here.


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