Old Rackets Court - conversion to 14 apartments

The building was originally built in the mid-19th Century as a Rackets Court, in the leisure area then known as the Arboretum in Worcester. More recently it was operated as a storage depot by Lambs.

We converted the building sympathetically to 14 apartments, with parking for each apartment.

The building as it was at the front:

And now:

And as it was at the rear:

And now:

The building was completely stripped, a new slate roof was fitted, re-using as many of the old slates as could be recovered, and then fitted out to latest Building Regulations and modern design requirements. All key features were retained. This is part of the original roof system:

Modern fittings were used, in keeping with City Centre lifestyle. 

Half of the car parking spaces were provided under cover, on the ground floor of the building:

Sensitive landscaping was provided around the building: