WOODSHEARS RISE - General Information

These homes will benefit from NHBC Buildmark 10 year Warranty. Plans are reviewed by NHBC Engineers and the build process is inspected by NHBC Inspectors at all key stages.

Building Control is carried out by MHDC local authority Building Inspectors.

The Predicted Energy Assessment is shown below for Plot 1:

..........and for Plot 2:

A final energy assessment will be issued when the homes are completed, which may well achieve even higher ratings.

Homes are Freehold. The Private drive will be allocated to Plot 2; however, both homes have full rights of access and use and will be responsible for sharing any maintenance costs. There is a covenant on the land so that, if the owners of number 23 Woodshears Road obtain planning permission for a dwelling in their rear garden, they have a right of access along the drive and into that new dwelling. In return, they would then have to contribute to drive maintenance costs. The owner of number 27 has permission to construct a garage in his rear garden, access to which would be along part of the Woodshears Rise drive.

The chimneys shown on the plans are not functional.

The layout of the kitchen and utility room is indicative only at this stage.

The site plan, elevations and floor plans were drawn up before work started on the site. While it is our intention to build in accordance with these plans, there are occasions when boundaries and layout may change as the development proceeds.

The specification shown in this document is indicative only and may change during the construction stage.

Any internal dimensions are the maximum in each direction, reaching into any wardrobes. All dimensions are indicative only and may differ once built.

Depending on the stage of completion, buyers’ preferences may be taken into account in the choice of floor and wall tiles, kitchen fittings and layout etc.

Houses are connected to mains sewer, water, gas & electricity.