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Plot 14 is the home on the right hand side of this Photo.

The home is now almost completed and will be ready for occupation shortly after we are able to re-commence work, following the shutdown for Coronavirus.

Plot 14 is shown on the indicative site layout plan below. It faces the Malvern Hills

site plan WC A4 V02.jpg

Plot 14 is identical to the adjacent home, plot 13, except that it is handed ie "flipped over".

However, under our Planning Permission, Plot 14 has to be sold to a qualifying local resident at a discount of 30%.

That means, we are now selling this great home for just:


To qualify, the buyer should be in need of affordable housing and has lived and/or worked and/or has a special local connection with Welland for a specified period. MHDC Housing Officers will review applicants and take the final decision.

Key specification:

  • 2 bedrooms

  • down stairs WC

  • large lounge

  • fully fitted kitchen

  • family bathroom

  • energy-efficient Ground Source Heat Pump

  • well-insulated

  • 2 off-road parking spaces

  • garden - turfed and fenced.

  • 10 year NHBC Structural Warranty.

Terms & Conditions include the requirement that when the house is sold, it must be sold at the same discount to whatever the market price is at the time, and to a qualifying resident. Below is a summary given to us by the local Housing Officer to explain some key points in more detail:

Local Connection Criteria

Local Connection – A connection with the Parish/Adjoining Parishes/District , which meets one or more of the following criteria:

Residence – the applicant’s has lived in the Parish/Adjoining Parishes/District by choice for a certain time (for six months out of the last twelve months or for three out of the last years) or;

Work – has permanent paid employment in the Parish/Adjoining Parishes/District; or

Family – has close family living in the Parish/Adjoining Parishes/District who have been permanently resident for at least the previous five years (close family is specifically mother, father, brother, sister, adult son or adult daughter); or

Other – has a local connection to the Parish/Adjoining Parishes/District as a result of special circumstances (subject to the approval of the Housing Services Manager)

Please note, priority will always be given to households with a local connection to the Parish. For example, if someone from the District was interested at week 5 and someone from the Parish was also interested, the person from the Parish would take priority.


Any prospective applicants will need to be registered on Home Choice Plus and will need to place a ‘bid’ for the property. This can be done online at http://www.homechoiceplus.org.uk/?UseFullSite=1

It is worth informing any applicants that they will need to complete the ‘Social Housing’ Section. I would suggest that they put a sentence in one of the free text boxes to say that they are applying because they are interested in purchasing a Discounted Market Sale property (Plot 14 St James Close), to make clear to my colleagues in our Housing Options team that this is the reason they are applying when my colleagues assess the application.


Once we have reviewed any interest placed for the property on Home Choice Plus, we will inform the applicant who is deemed to be in the highest housing need of the next steps. They will need to complete another application form (I have attached this for your information only), and provide us with proof of income for any applicants (last 3 months payslips), a mortgage agreement detailing the maximum amount a lender would borrow to them and proof of their local connection.


Help to Buy Equity Loans cannot be used on Discounted Market Sales properties and the properties cannot be rented out. Any prospective applicants will be required to adhere to the section 106 requirements on re-sale.

More information on the St James Close development is here.