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This 2-bedroom apartment has one of the most interesting layouts in Adelaide House, occupying the whole of the top floor and with the varied and attractive roof design.

The entrance to this home is on the first floor, and the staircase from the first floor to the living quarters is a private staircase, being part of this apartment.

Being the highest apartment, this home has the best views, looking down from the Living Room on the large grounds of Adelaide House and across the countryside towards Herefordshire.

Allowing the views to be better appreciated, the Living Area has a large opening Velux roof light as well as two dormer windows.

The main areas of the home are:

  • private staircase from the first floor

  • store on landing at top of stairs

  • Living area with extensive view

  • kitchen area off the open plan living area

  • family bathroom with both a bath and a separate walk-in shower and benefitting from two, top-hung Velux roof lights

  • Bedroom number 1, with built-in storage

  • Bedroom number 2 with built-in storage.

The floor plan is shown below:

F 08  V02_edited.jpg

Some illustrations of the kitchen are shown below. Depending on the point of purchase, buyers can choose kitchens and tiling.

Flat8 Visual1(2).jpg
Flat8 Visual2(2).jpg
Flat8 Visual3(1).jpg
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