This section shows many of the homes that we have built in the Malvern, Worcester, Pershore, Ledbury, Leigh Sinton and surrounding areas, and which are now occupied. We concentrate on this area so that Directors can visit every site each day and so that it is convenient for our employees and sub-contractors, allowing better quality control.
Our developments range from single homes and our largest so far has been a site with 23 homes. They include very large, executive detached houses with large garages, through detached houses with 4 or 3 bedrooms, and down to one and two bedroom homes. Included in this selection are several conversions of old buildings into apartments, as well as new build apartments.
We generally buy land, obtain or improve planning permission, have the homes designed to our own specification, and then build them, using our own skilled and experienced employees, supported by specialist sub-contractors and tradesmen. We then sell the homes. However, we do sometimes build homes for clients as a contractor, and these are highlighted below.
We employ modern methods of manufacture where it can improve quality, reduce timescales, or save costs, such as modern timber frame construction. 
Whenever we build a block of apartments, we form a Management Company (owned soley by the apartment owners) and we gift the freehold to the Management Company. We do not retain the Freehold.  So purchasers of apartments have the comfprt of knowing that they, in effect own the freehold and can control themselves how their block is run.
Typically, our homes are high quality, built to a high specification, extremely energy efficient and air tight.
Note: in this section we show just a few photos of each site to give a brief overview.
In a few cases we have added links to additional information.
Our CURRENT sites are 
Welland (10 houses, from 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom, plus 4 affordable homes)
At the moment we have just a few homes available.
This site will be completed mid-2020
Hanley Swan. This is a conversion, although in fact it will have all the characteristics of a complete new build. Work has just started on what will be 4 large homes in a very rural setting. Details will be added shortly.
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 This was a development of 4 large very modern homes, with 5 bedrooms, large balcony looking over the River Severn towards the Malvern Hills, double garage, high specification.

Extremely energy efficient, including PV panels on all houses, neatly recessed into garage roofs.

Very private and exclusive.

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A small development of 3 detached houses, one with 5 bedrooms and two with 4 bedrooms.

Built in the grounds of an older house, this is a very private development with its own, private access road in a very convenient location

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2 Large detached houses with garages
These 2 large houses share a similar exterior style, but have different internal layouts.
As will all of our homes, the external areas are fully landscaped with plants, trees, turf, patios, paths, steps etc.
A few internal views give an indication of the specification and finish. To see more, click on the button.
A development of 4 houses, of which one has 4 bedrooms and the other 3 each have 3 bedrooms.
The site was previously lock-up garages for ministry of Defence houses. We named the estate road after Joan Curran, a scientist who worked during the war at the nearby Malvern Radar establishment.

This small development is in a very private and secluded location, yet is only a short distance from the heart of Great Malvern.

The development included one detached house with 4 bedrooms, one detached house with 3 bedrooms and a pair of linked-detached houses, each with 3 bedrooms.

Each house has its own designated car parking, and the grounds are all fully-landscaped.

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London Road, Worcester
3 town houses
Previously the offices of our main architects, we converted them into 3 homes that he now lets to tenants.

Front & side views of the original offices are shown on the left.

The new front with car parking is shown below, together with some internal shots

Ivydene, Great Malvern
A conversion of a Victorian school building into 18 apartments for a client.
This project included considerable demolition of unwanted building, a complete soft strip of the interior, stripping and re-laying the whole roof, and dealing with a considerable amount of asbestos, wet rot and dry rot.
Following a bat survey, we built both a below-ground bat cellar and a bat loft along the full length off the building.
The scope of work expanded considerably during the course of the project.

The building had been empty for many years, and rainwater had entered in numerous places, and no maintenance had been undertaken.

These photos give an indication of the amount of demolition and internal stripping that we had to do before we could start work on the conversion.

As an iconic Malvern building in a Conservation Area, it was important to retain as much as possible of the external and internal features, which required the use of specialised craftsmen.

This photo shows the scaffolding needed around the whole building to allow the roof to be relayed, the external walls to be repaired and rendered and then redecorated, and for the existing windows to be repaired and brought back into working order, or in a few cases to be replaced with like-for-like.

The photos below show the finished building. together with some external detail shots.

The landscaped grounds include off-road parking in the secure car park

A single detached house with 4 bedrooms

Built on a sloping site in a Conservation Area, we were able to provide level access to all homes as well as steps, together with extensive off-road parking.

To avoid surcharging local drains, the development includes a large below-ground attenuation system, designed to store and then release rainwater very slowly.

as in most of our sites, we include modern methods of sustainable drainage systems, such as permeable block paving, stone chippings held i plastic crates for parking etc.

Jenny Lind Grove, Malvern
A development of 4 apartments, two of which are duplex homes with 3 bedrooms and two are 2-bedroom apartments.
Nightingale Court is named after 19th Century Opera singer Jenny Lind, who lived for a time in Malvern and who was known as the Swedish Nightingale.
GREENHILL, Worcester
A single,large, 3 storey detached house
Close to the City Centre, this site was next to imposing Georgian houses of considerable architectural appeal.
we agreed with Worcester City Planning that the front elevation should reflect the general appearance of neighbouring properties, but that the rear should be a modern contrast, as shown in the 2 photos below.
OWL HOUSE, Callow End
This large detached house was built for a client, and it incorporates the clients design input and desire for a unique, very high-quality home.
Features include lots of light, large rooms, premium fittings

The client even sourced his own timber cladding to help reflect the rural setting of the home.

A development of 3 houses, including one large, 4-bedroom detached house and two link-detacvhed houses with 3 bedrooms, all with garages.

Originally part of a farm, this small development is on the outskirts of the village of Leigh Sinton.

The private cul de sac is fitted with an electrically-operated gate to provide enhanced privacy and security.

As part of the landscaping to front and rear gardens, additional parking is provided at the front in the form of grass crete parking (grass growing through plastic grids) allowing both parking and ease of grass mowing. In addition a pre-grown complete ivy hedge was planted along one side of the access drive

This small development involved the demolition of an old workshop. As the site is close to the heart of Ledbury, special care was taken to keep the style in keeping with the area. This included having "jetties", that is first floor protruding/overhanging beyond the house footprint, and having small enclosed coutyyard areas for what would normall be the front and rear amenity areas.
Callow End
We converted this small 2 bedroom bungalow into a larger, Dormer bungalow.
This secluded development of just 2 large detached houses is accessed along its own long, private drive.
Finished to a very high standard, the houses also included roof panels for providing hot water and rain water recycling for use in WC's in order to reduce water consumption.
A single, large, luxury bungalow
Set in the grounds of a large Victorian house, it was a planning requirement that this home be low and modern, in order to contrast with the main house. To maintain a low roof line over this very large 3-bedroom bungalow, we laid a sedum roof on top of the structural roof. Sedum is a colourful succulent which requires minimal maintenance, but adds colour. insulation, and water-retention properties as well as being a haven for bees etc.
Barnards Green, Malvern
A single, small bungalow
This photo shows the bungalow nearing completion.
A development of 14 homes, including a block of 5 aprtments, 7 terraced houses in 2 block, and a pair of semi-detached houses

This development (adjacent to the Farmers Boy PH/restaurant) included an adopted road, as well as extensive rainwater storage and attenuation.

Towards the end of the construction phase, as the recession deepened in 2007/8 we took the decision to sell the whole site with all 14 homes, to a local housing association. We quickly adapted the design to meet the specific requirements of the housing association.

5 Apartments

This project involved converting and modernising an existing building (the left hand element) previously used as offices and building a matching new element (right hand side), which also allowed cars to pass through to the rear car park.

6 houses
This involved the complete modernisation of a pair of delapidated Georgian semi-detached houses plus the New Build of 4 new detached houses.
The site sloped steeply to the rear, requiring careful engineering of foundations and retaianing walls.
In addition, the ground floor of the 4 new build houses was tanked into the slope. The meant that two houses appeared to have 2 storey when viewed frm the road, but were in fact 3 storeys, and 2 houses appeared to be single storey when thet were in fact 2 storey.
This sectin shows the 4 new build houses.

This is a deceptively large 4 bedroom house, with the main entrance at road level, with this floor being clad with cedar planks, and the ground floor being at the lower level, and rendered.

Both this and the other 2-story house have solar panels for hot water, plus a flat roof area covered with Sedum.

This house appears to be a bungalow from the road, but is in fact a more substantial 2 storey detached house

This section shows the pair of Georgian houses that were modernised. Two storeys are visible from the road with the thirdt storey being tanked into the slope.

6 Large, 3-bedroom apartments

We replaced a 1960's large detached house, in a Conservation Area in Malvern.

We added extensive landscaping and retaining walls to complete a high quality development.

Each of the 6 apartments have 3 large bedrooms, en-suite shower rooms, large lounges and Kitchen/dining rooms.

We also provided rain water recycling to all WC's.

The design reflected the original medieval plot layout in this historic area of St Johns, with the houses being set at right angles to Swanpool Road and with separate pedestrian access through a passage on the main St Johns shopping area.

Five houses with 2 bedrooms
14 Apartments
A conversion of a warehouse into 14 apartments, with car parking (part inside the building on the ground floor and part outside)

Originally a Rackets Court (a cross between squash and old tennis) built in the mid-19th Century, it then became a hop-warehouse and later a furniture depository.

12 apartments

This new build apartment block was built an an old showroom that we demolished.

The develpoment inlcuded 1=bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments, plus 2 luxury penthouses with discreet balconies.

17 apartments,
6 Mews Houses, 
7 work-from-home offices

Originally a 5-storey Victorian boot factory, it was more recently part of Worcester College of Technology, as shown in the first photo.

Being close to Worcester Cathedral meant considerable care had to be taken in terms of design, materials and building methods to stay in keeping with the original.

The site involved extensive demolition, complete roof rebuild, complete internal strip and clearance, before the 1- and 2-bedroom apartments could be started. Work was further complicated as the site fronted one of the busiest roads in Worcester.

We replaced the old lift with a new one.

A large gate leads onto the rear area. The gate was designed by students st the College Art School.

In the landscaped rear area an artist cast a bronze boot, of the type previously made here, which we mounted on a plinth.

14 Apartments,

The development includes a 3-storey area at the front, with vehicle access to the rear.

At the rear, there is a 2-strorey section plus a single storey

10 Apartments

After demolishing an old hall, we built 2 blocks, each with 5 apartments..

Each apartment has nominated car parking, a private brick storage shed, and shares communal amenity and clothes drying areas.

4 small one-bedroom apartments
Bungalow with garage
Two, 3-storey Town Houses

These houses were a modern variant of existing houses in this road.

5 very large detached houses

Built on a steeply-sloping, heavily landscaped site. these very large houses reflect a traditional Great Malvern style.

7 Detached houses

This development of 7 detached houses included 2 3-story houses, 4 with 2 storeys, and one combining 1- and 2-storeys.

4 semi-detached houses.

Built on an old petrol station, and next to the Coppertops PH, these 4 houses were sold to the then- FE College and converted  into student accommodation.


Large single detached house

We replaced a derelict cottage with this large detached house.

It is set on the side of the Malvern Hills, in approximately 1 1/2 acres, and with over 100 trees in the grounds


Large detached house

Our first development

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