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Some of the factors that we are looking for


We are a small, but very experienced and professional builder/developer of homes, mainly new build houses.

This post is very important to us, as our main Site Manager, who has been with us for over 20 years, will shortly be reducing his hours and activity as he starts staged retirement.


The post is not a short term site specific contract. We see it as a long term, permanent position, which hopefully will grow and develop.


As it is an important position in a small company, we are keen to make sure we get the most suitable person for the job.


We realise that you may have probably a CV which is general, and not aimed specifically at our Company. So we ask anyone interested in applying for this post  to consider the following points.

These are some of the key points that we are looking for:


1.       Location. It is important that you live within c30 minutes of our office.

2.       As we run fairly small sites, the Site Supervisor must be hands-on, and be able to do productive work when not supervising/managing.

Depending on the size of the site, we would expect you to be working in whatever trade or skill you have for around half of the working day.

So, please make sure we understand your skills and abilities and that you are happy with this arrangement.

3.       We only build homes, mainly new build houses, occasionally flats, and sometimes renovations/conversions.

Direct experience of house building is important.

We expect you to understand the requirements of modern house building, which is becoming increasingly technical.

For example, energy efficiency in our homes is very important, and that leads to an obsession with air leaks and cold bridges.

We have used modern Timber Frame for many years and that is our preferred approach. But it means understanding the differences between Timber Frame and masonry.

Of course, we have a lot of knowledge within the Company which is available to you and you will be well-supported.

But, make sure we understand how much experience and knowledge you have of modern housebuilding.

4.       The post involves supervising work, both to make sure that employees and any day-rate labour are working at the right tempo

and all employees and contractors are achieving the right high quality. For us, quality of work and minimum snagging are vital.

5.       The post also involves managing staff and contractors. Generally, they will have been with us for some time and are experienced, so man-management needs to be sensitive.

6.       You will be representing the Company to the outside world. This includes professional visitors (NHBC, Building Control Inspectors, Architects. etc), as well as members of the public and neighbours.

Tact is often required to handle neighbours complaining about car parking, mud on the road etc.

7.       And finally, we  will look to you for help in controlling costs, by reducing costs, or finding new sub-contractors to supplement the ones to whom we currently send out tenders, and being a part of our management team

The salary range is £28 - 35,000 depending on experience.

If you are interested in applying, please please send your CV, taking into account the above points, to: 

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