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Site plan WC CGI V04.jpg


The site layout is shown above.

Plots 1, 2 & 3 front Dunns Mane.

Plot 4 is set back, with its own pedestrian access from Dunns Lane.

Car  parking is accessed from Severn Drive on the right of the plan above.

Each house has two spaces apart from plot 2 which has one space. Off-road parking is very scarce in Upton!

plots 1-3 HDW V02.jpg

Above is the street view facing Dunns Lane, with Plot 1 on the left, closest to the car parking area.

Plots 1 & 3 have 3 bedrooms, while plot 2 (centre plot) has two.

Homes are access via the steps at the front and with level access from the car park at the rear, as the ground rises higher than Dunns lane.

This design was chosen to reflect the varied style of houses along Dunns Lane, based on a Heritage Report and discussions with the Planning Officers.

Plots 1 & 3 are similar, except they are handed ie flipped. The floor plan for plot 1 is shown below

GFP plot 1 V02.jpg

And here is the first floor:

FFP plot 1 V02.jpg

The floor plans for plot 2 are shown below:

GFP plot 2 V02.jpg
FFP plot 2 V02.jpg
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